How to treat ingrown toenails with Onyfix

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is an innovative and non-invasive technology that is used to treat and prevent ingrown or severely curved (involuted) toenails.

We are also using Onyfix to help split nails grow out.

How Does Onyfix Work?

The Onyfix composite resin is applied as a strip across the base of the toenail, which is the flattest section of the nail. The resin is then fixed to the nail and hardened with LED light to hold the nail in that position. As the nail grows out over a period of several months, the strip of resin will move towards the front of the nail where the ingrowing occurs. As the resin moves forwards, it braces the nail to maintain that flat shape, helping the toenail to grow in the correct position and reducing the curve (involution) at the front of the nail.

Depending on the severity of the curve in the toenail, it may take only 1 application to correct it, or it may require 3-4 applications at around 6 week intervals to train the nail to grow in the correct position.

To help split nails grow out, the resin strip is applied towards the base of the split to hold the nail together and prevent further splitting as the nail grows out.

The Onyfix Application Process

Step 1: Preparing the nail

A burr is used to roughen the surface of the nail. The nail is then wiped to remove any grease from the surface. This allows the primer to adhere better.

Step 2: Applying the Onyfix Primer

The primer prepares the surface of the nail so the composite nail brace adheres correctly. A thin layer of the liquid primer is applied to the surface of the nail. An LED blue light is then used to dry the primer.

Step 3: Applying the Onyfix composite and curing it.

A spatula is used to shape a small amount of the Onyfix composite in a strip across the base of the nail. Once the composite is in the correct position, the LED blue light is applied to harden it.

Who Can Benefit from Onyfix?

Patients with flat nail base

Patients with ingrown or involuted toenails may find relief with the Onyfix system without the need for toenail surgery. This is more likely to be successful if the nail base is flatter and not too wide.

Patients with curved (involuted) or wide nail bases

Patients with a more involuted or wider nail base may require a combination of treatments to achieve permanent relief. It may be necessary to perform a toenail surgery called a partial nail avulsion (PNA) to remove the curved edges. Once the surgery has healed we would then use Onyfix to train the nail to grow straight.

All types of nails

There are two different types of composites that can cater for all nail types. The Onyfix Hard composite is suitable for severely malformed nails, while the Onyfix Soft composite is suitable for small, thin and children’s nails. Your podiatrist will select the best materials and tailor the solution for your particular nails.

All types of patients

The Onyfix nail bracing system is painless. It does not require injections of anaesthetic, harsh chemicals or invasive surgery. This makes Onyfix suitable for patients who:

  • Have needle phobias;
  • Are sensitive to pain;
  • Have a high risk of complications, such as patients with diabetes;
  • Are immunocompromised;
  • Are taking blood thinners;
  • Are children;
  • Are elderly and heal slowly; and
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.